People not having kids doesn't "devalue motherhood."

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If motherhood is the "hardest job ever", why don't mothers pay their babysitters a reasonable fee?

"What do you do for a living?"
"Oh, I actually have the hardest job in the world."
"Really? You're a nuclear physicist? Neurosurgeon? Theoretical astronomer? Rocket scientist? Deep sea welder? Oil rig worker?"
"Nope, the real hardest job in the world: I'm a mother. I cook, clean, deal with human bodily fluids, never sleep, deal with constant screaming and chaos, and it's a 24 hour a day job. No breaks and no vacation."
"Huh. What's the compensation like for a job like that?"
"Oh, you can't put a price on being a mother. Taking care of my little ones is its own reward. I get paid in smiles and hugs and it's all I need."
"Uh huh... and what would that be in terms of money here on earth in human reality?"
"Oh, 30K a month!"

Today, I was browsing through my Facebook feed and some lady posted in a local page asking what a reasonable price to charge for babysitting a 3-month-old for a month. Lots of comments, all of them irritated me a bit (many responses from the mother's saying 4K per month), but one made me audibly gasp.

This lady said "I would pay you 2K regardless of the kids' age or how many kids you're watching. Babysitters don't actually do that much, and I do what you do every day for free."


I can't believe a number of women who are insisting that motherhood is the hardest job ever and that you're a "personal cook, maid, doctor, therapist...," and then turn around and pay a babysitter next to nothing.

Actually, you don't. Motherhood is not a job. I'm not saying it doesn't feel like one, but it's not goods or a service.

Babysitting is a service. Don't fucking hire someone if you're not prepared to pay them like a professional.

I refuse to accept babysitting jobs, but even if I had a magical change of heart, I'd be turning my nose up at anything less than 15K a month.

People are fucking crazy to think babysitters deserve any less.

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