Please, I need advice on how to carry this out effectively

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I want to make my husband think that I cheated on him and this is my reason.

I have been married for over 10 years. I suspected and confirmed that my husband is having an affair with a widow who works in his office. I have already confronted him twice, but he keeps on denying it. It keeps leading or turning into major issues and quarrels, so I left him for the sake of peace and my sanity.

My hubby came back with a traveling box that he claimed belonged to a colleague whom they had traveled together on official duties, he said that he asked him to help him bring it to town while branching somewhere.

I opened the box and found that it contained women’s items – creams, underwear, clothes etc. I did not confront him about it. Now, I want my husband to have a taste of what I felt. I plan to bring personal male items home and tell my husband that a male colleague kept them in my care. I want to see his reaction.
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