Please teach your kids about menstruation and get them prepared


It's not even 8:30 and I was supervising some students before classes start and this class 4 girl went to the bathroom to basically not come back. When I went to check on her she said she couldn't come out and something was wrong, that she had pooped her pants but in the front.

She had her period. She had no idea what it was and nothing of the sort. I had to give her a super long maxi pad because I had nothing else and I had to call her parents to send her home because she was completely confused and sad.

You cannot control when you get your period, but you can surely prepare your daughters for it. Please do so. There is nothing weird about talking about it with girls and boys. It's just not my job as a teacher to go through that with children in such a personal and private discussion.

*Teach your child about how this works. *Teach them to change their hygienic products OFTEN. (I had one young woman who as 21 years old thought you wore one until it would hold nothing more. That can mean 1 hour for some and 10 hours for others.) *Teach them to shower extra that week, the body does put off... scents. Let's not get our kids picked on because we fail at teaching. *Teach your kid how to track things. You'd be shocked at how many grown women cannot. *Teach your sons this is NOT something to make fun of, tease about, or be ashamed of. *Do NOT tell the world but do not teach your daughter that it's embarrassing. *Please explain to your kid that tampons come in different sizes. In most cases, an eleven-year-old does not need ULTRA Tampax.. .just saying. I watched a tiny little thing with her daddy grab the "longest lasting" and quietly explained to them that those were not what she wanted when her dad turned red and explained it was her first. Dad? If you are a single dad, PLEASE learn this stuff. IF you don't know, ask. Hell ask me, it's words and you never have to look in my face. It can seriously cause issues if your kid has the wrong things.
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