See Screenshots of Chats with My Hubbys’ Side Chick: Bitch Got Zero Chills

I have been having this feeling that my husband is cheating on me, but each time it seems I’ve got him red-handed, he always finds a way to escape with lies. This man can lie for Africa.

He can lie to the extent that the passwords and guards his phone like it is a piece of diamond. He can’t step an inch away from his phone and when he mistakenly does, he would yell for his phone. So, it’s been hard getting hold of his password.

I always dreamt of catching him with a woman, so when I finally got hold of his password, I got down to business.

To cut the story short, see screenshots chats when I approached the side chick and asked her to stay off my husband and that was when the insults ensued.

The annoying thing is that after confronting him, he has been behaving as if it is his birthright to cheat.

This man has never given me money for my upkeep. I solely take care of my needs and still contribute to the housekeeping of the home. Yet, he has the money to be spending on girls.
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