This is a confusing situation for me. How do I handle this?

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My daughter is pregnant with a married man and I have been dragged into it.
When my daughter brought this guy home to introduce to me her boyfriend, little did I know that he was A married man but without a child.

Nothing seemed out of the ordinary except for the fact that he had never introduced me to any member of his family which I thought would happen if their relationship develops into marriage. He seemed like the kind of son-in-law any mother would wish for her daughter. He was well mannered and in various huge ways showed he loved and cared for my daughter.

I have just discovered that this man is married but his wife has no child and my 24-year-old daughter who is a final year student is now pregnant for him. I am so hurt by this because I am a Christian woman who takes her faith seriously.

“Didn’t you know he was married?” I asked her. She told me that how he concealed the fact initially until she was already in love with him. When he told her, he begged her not leave and she didn’t tell me until now.

I’ve begged her to leave him but he keeps luring her with expensive gifts and she won’t listen to me. I’ve spoken to the man to leave my daughter alone but he tells me he’s in love with her and that his wife has to understand. Well, I am not understanding.

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