Why are these guys not able to keep it up for me?

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I am going to be as modest as possible in this post. I'm single and can't seem to get a guy to bed...

I have no idea what is happening to me. I have been single for 10 months and have been going on dates regularly. Over these past months, there have been 3 guys I have met who I felt like I could have a connection with.

When the time comes where we want to be intimate, they choke. It is starting to make me feel like there is something wrong with me. We hit it off, we are kissing and touching, and then, when the time comes to have some action, they can't perform.

Just tonight, this amazing guy I've been talking to comes over to my place. We are really having a good night, and he is definitely interested in more so we start making out. We are taking our time and eventually we move to the bedroom. Before I know it I am getting dressed and politely nodding at all the apologies coming from this guy. "This has never happened before." and "No one has ever made me finish so quickly" and "I've not been able to perform." and "I am sorry this happened, I feel so bad." Previously, the other guys had hung around a little longer and we would talk, but this guy hit the road. He couldn't get out of my house quick enough. And I finally got this text:

"Hey you were a super great person and I wanted things to work but I clearly moved too fast and I doubt ill be able to get over it. Sorry to waste your time. Please feel free to make fun of me to your friends."

What is wrong with me? Why are these guys not able to keep it up for me? Is it really a nerves thing, or are they trying to be nice? Three guys in almost a year.... wtf?

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