7 Ways why casual sex literally harms women

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I would first like to make it clear that I don't consider myself the beholder of the truest truth, but these are things I have been thinking about for a while and that made me opt for celibacy as a single woman at 31 years old age. Read it, and even if you disagree with it, tell me what you think.

It is obvious that society nowadays does not welcome romantic love or marriage. It is obvious that men nowadays aren't interested in having a family, considering that they're bombarded every day by our pornified culture and choose to have multiple casual sex partners and/or stay at home watching porn or dreaming about having a sex robot instead of actually searching for a real relationship. Also, those who engage in a serious relationship submit their woman to several episodes of physical and psychological abuse, not to mention adultery, taking feelings for granted, abandoning children, marital rape, sexism, etc.

That's why more and more women have decided to go WGTOW, myself included. And many of these women have decided they will never be in a serious relationship with men anymore, but they'll still have casual sex with them because we all have needs. This is a blatant and self-destructing mistake and I'll tell you why.

Why casual sex literally harms women:

We're not exactly getting good sex from these men. We know the average Joe lasts about 5 min in bed at most, doesn't give a damn about our orgasms or pleasure. Who are we actually fooling here? Never forget men who humiliate women, point out the "defects" of their bodies, their cellulite, their "small boobs", their "flabby thighs" and will tell you that you need to lose weight or go to the gym because they're losing the attraction. Do you want that?

We're giving men exactly what they want - casual sex. They're not willing to give us real emotions, but still, we'll give them what they want from us. How are men ever going to change if women still offer free pu**y to them? Also, when women have sex with men, they get much more emotionally attached than their counterparts. Do you want to fall in love with a guy who only sees you as a walking sex doll?

Casual sexual relationships nowadays may put women at risk of meeting a psycho or a rapist. Just look up how many women had horror dates with men they met online or at bars and/or were raped by these men. Are you willing to take this risk?

We're also risking getting pregnant, or getting an STD. We know nowadays HIV transmission is getting higher and higher from men to women, it's growing faster than the transmission than among male homosexuals. I'm a medical doctor and I'm tired of seeing elderly men who are transmitting HIV and syphilis (which they got from prostitutes) to their wives who barely leave the house. Also, there are many cases of men who refuse to wear a condom or remove the condom during the middle of the sex act and the woman doesn't even notice it. Recently a man was arrested in Italy for purposely transmitting HIV to more than 30 women.

And when it comes to pregnancy, we have the option to take contraceptive pills. Alright. At what costs? We all know the hormonal load in those pills only increase women's risks to have breast cancer, ovarian cancer, thrombosis, brain strokes, heart strokes. Breast cancer incidence is increasing worldwide, while men HAVE ZERO willingness to take a contraceptive pill because they don't want the risks. It's all our responsibility - both contraception and risks from it.

And if everything fails and you get pregnant, it's highly probable that the guy won't give a damn about you, won't pay for alimony and will call you a gold digger. You'll forever be faced by this disgusting society as the whorish single mother who doesn't deserve respect from anyone. Only a few people will stand up for you and help you. When you're a single mother, you're completely by yourself.

You'll look back to your years when you wasted your time having sex with men who didn't give a damn about you, men who condoned and supported this sexist, misogynistic, disgusting society and you'll see that you not only did not have real sexual or emotional joy, but you also lost your dignity by having sex with such chauvinists.

Straight girls, have fun with your dildos and stop having sex with men. Stop giving what they want. Celibacy is the path to happiness, full control of your life, and you'll be able to focus 100% on your career/ambitions/family/friends/activity.

STOP THINKING THAT HAVING SEX WITH MEN WILL DEFINE YOU AS A WOMAN. Stop believing that you need to be desired by a man to have pleasure. You don't. Be happy by yourself, because men will never care for your happiness at all. If men want to have sex with sexbots, let them. It will finally make them leave us alone and in peace.
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