Do I Send My Maid to School Or Not?

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Maid with kid

I need your good advice as usual, as this is a very crucial and sensitive issue for me.

I am a working-class mum and I have a 16-year-old girl who takes good care of my baby.

I want her to complete her education because she was in standard 8, but had to stop when she came to live with me, moreover, the girl is well-behaved. I am just very confused about what steps to take now.

My daughter would be a year old at the time I intend for the girl to start school. I worry about who would take care of her while I am at work and the girl is at school. So, I am poised with these two decisions; I either register my daughter in school early or I ask my mother-in-law who is above 75 years of age to come and help look after her grandchild.

Though my mother-in-law is willing to help out, I am not particularly sure about it because she is very old and cannot walk without bending. I doubt she will be active, but she wants to come and help out regardless.

My question, however, is this; who do you think will have a positive influence on my daughter, and who would give her the proper attention she needs at this stage?.

Please help me out, my husband is ready to support and stand by me, I just have to choose. He has however made it clear to me that the girl must start school.

I just don’t know what to do. Please advice me.

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