Guys, how big of a turn off are very saggy boobs, honestly?

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Woman with big and saggy boobs

Hey guys! So I am 22 and since puberty hit, I quickly developed large breasts (wearing an E cup). They were quite saggy (they have a weird shape, they are long, not round) for as long as I can remember with VERY large areolae. A couple of years ago, I gained a lot of weight due to depression and BED but I have finally lost it and now my boobs sag even more.

As you can tell, I am feeling really self-conscious about my breasts, to the point I am not comfortable in being naked around anyone. During sex, I always think of positions in order to hide them. Nobody has explicitly said anything about them, in fact, my last serious boyfriend emphasized on the fact that they were large and that he was very happy about that. On the other hand, another guy I hooked up with more recently stopped insisting on taking my bra off after the first time we had sex, so there is that (he never said anything though).

At this point I know there is nothing I can do to fix my problem except surgery, which I am really afraid of, but it's something I am contemplating. It just makes me sad, when I read comments all the time saying "girl, don't worry about your small boobs! Men love all boobs, small or big, as long as they are perky!". Or "it's not about the size, but the shape". Like, it's not my fault I have these tubular boobs 😕

For some reason, everyone thinks that just because a girl is young, her boobs MUST be perky, or she has done something wrong. I think that men don't actually realize that this could be a possibility, for boobs not to be that pretty. I feel like I am the only one with this problem and that every guy who has seen them was secretly disgusted.

So my question is, to what extent my insecurities are true? Obviously, men prefer perky boobs with cute small areolae, but is it all that important? Am I making it too big of a deal or you would you find very saggy boobs majorly off-putting?

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