When you go before a panel in the interview room, you are actually selling a product. The product can be very good but if the salesperson is bad, the product will not be sold. In order to do that, the salesperson must understand the product, the key strength of the product or the selling points and also how to properly pitch it.

You are a product in the interview room. To put it correctly, your service that you would like to provide to the company is the product that is being sold. To complicate it a bit, the product is the person with the service to be given. It is more interesting because the product is being sold by other words, the product has come to sell itself. You are the sells person and to that effect must be trained to sale yourself correctly.

If you do not know the specifications of your product, you will never get past the interview panel. you need to understand what you do and how to sell it to another person. If you are attending interviews and not getting hired, you are failing as a salesperson to convince the buyer that seated before them is what they need to make the system work.

On the other hand, the product can be defective or does not meet the right specifications of the buyer. In that case, there is a problem. If the product was defective or not correct, then you would not have been called for interviews in the first place. But since you were called, maybe you messed up when demonstrating how the product works and the panel decided...this is not what we want.

When I am developing CVs, I ask people to send me their updated CV. Most of the time I have seen that people do not know the strength of their work experience and qualifications. Many times, people work in low positions when they are supposed to be managers. You are a product that is underutilized, therefore, you believe that is your level and so when you go into an interview, you present a perfect underutilized product which may be misplaced. The CV is good, but the working demonstration has failed.

After all, the whole interview process is about answering this question: Why should we hire you instead of one of the many other well-qualified applicants?

Every interview question is an attempt to gather information to inform this hiring decision. Many interviewers will also specifically ask you to make your case with one of these questions:
  • Why should we hire you?
  • Why are you the best candidate for the job?
  • Why are you the right fit for the position?
  • What would you bring to the position?
To close the deal on a job offer, you MUST be prepared with a concise summary of the top reasons to choose you. Even if your interviewer doesn’t ask one of these questions in so many words, you should have an answer prepared and be looking for ways to communicate your top reasons throughout the interview process.

Answer - I am the definition of success, you hire me, you have hired success. I do not come into this job to play around, I work, I am a solution and I propose ways of making better decisions so that the business grows and we make more money. No one outside will tell you what I have just told you and I have the evidence to prove everything I have told you. If you go to page two of my CV, I have listed some of my achievements in the different companies I have worked. The people I have put as referees are there to give testimony to what I have just put down. Also if you check when I worked for xyz I have included in, my CV on page 4 that during my working I was able to...... And that is why I believe and know and affirm that you are talking to the right person.

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