I never cared. But now I do. And I hate it

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I've always kind of prided myself on not needing anyone. No friends, no boyfriends... so it's always just been me and my dog.

Recently though, I've been feeling as if I'm missing out. And on top of that, I'm feeling rather lonely.

I'm 23, there's still life in me. And I shouldn't rush into things, I know this. But I can't help wondering what it would be like to have someone love me and to feel love for someone.

Where I used to reply "ew, no" whenever someone asked me if I had a boyfriend, I now secretly wish I had one.

A tall, burly dude with a beard, long hair and lots of tattoos. A fellow metalhead to accompany me to all the festivals and concerts because I'm tired of going alone.

I kinda just want someone to share all the small victories of everyday life with. Even if it's just a platonic friend. But I'm painfully aware of all my issues and I don't want to burden anyone. So I guess I'm just hoping this confession will help in getting this out of my system so that I can go back to not caring.

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