I purposely gave the cleaning lady at work a big mess to clean up for being a bitch

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I purposely gave the cleaning lady at work a big mess to clean up

I had to go to the bathroom really badly and when I finally got there she was cleaning it. I asked her if she had an idea of how long it would be, and she told me "Don't ask". I definitely wasn't being an asshole. I told her "I know you have a job to do, I just have to go really bad". She laughed and told me "Maybe you should see a doctor for that. If you keep bothering me I'll go slower and I'll put in a complaint about harassing me". Now I can understand that she has a job to do, but there is no need to be a bitch. Maybe she had a bad experience in the past where somebody was being a dick to her, but that doesn't mean we're all dicks.

This pissed me the fuck off but I turned and left. I ended up pissing somewhere I really shouldn't have pissed but it was better than pissing my pants.

The next day I waited until about a half hour before the cleaning lady was supposed to arrive and made sure to make her work for her money. I pissed all over the toilet seat, the floor, and totally soaked the roll of toilet paper that she would have to remove and replace. She's lucky I didn't have to shit too because I would have made sure to get it all over the seat and floor. No fucking regrets.

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