I'm single and I want to get pounded, occasionally

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Single mother drinking wine

Not just single but a single mom. I've been in one relationship ever and that resulted in my child who is now 12.

Truth is I want to get pounded 5 times a month. Not just pounded but I also want sensual sex with passionate kissing and licking and slow in-out toe curling thrusts inside of me. I just want to feel a man's hands and lips all over me. I want to let loose and forget my life and myself. I want to ride and grind I want to be thrusted into, licked, sucked, kissed.

I want to fall asleep in his arms and then I want him to leave. I don't want to run into him in public.

I want this but I don't think I can handle it. Stupid me will want more and will fall for him. I want a man who's like a boyfriend but not a boyfriend.I don't think I can handle an actual relationship because I'll forget my priorities.

I want the sex but I don't think I can handle nsa it might mess me up emotionally.

Last year I went on a date and it led to sex, just a one-time thing, something I've never ever done. I'm deathly afraid of hooking up with someone in my area for fear of him knowing the other guy (kind of a small town) then I become the town slut.

I'm afraid of hooking up again because I might start doing it more frequently with other men.

What do I do?

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