Just a girl asking for advice

Just a girl asking for advice

My husband is starting to have a wider and stronger sex drive than I do, and I'm not sure what to do about it.

During the past few months, my husband of around a decade has seemed to get a second wind when it comes to his sex drive.

While I've been just fine with our status quo in the bedroom, he seems to have recently found an urge to up our game and try new and different things. He's said to me that he's a little tired of the same routine for so long and wanted to change things up, which I'm not at all opposed to.

The problem is that I'm just not as nearly as enthusiastic about some of his suggestions. I'm more than happy to expand my comfort zone a little to please him and compromise with him, but I feel like he's asking a little too much and wants it too quickly. For example, we have never done anal and he wants to try it. I'm not going to say no to it, but I wish he would stop pressing the issue about it so much.

Most of his ideas and suggestions are a little out there, but exciting enough to at least try. But some of the others, I am not completely comfortable with. For example, we have a pair of flirty friends who have always pushed the envelope and he's suggested perhaps playing around with them. I think I'd be okay with doing stuff in the same room, but I'm not comfortable with anything else and I'm finding that we're not in complete agreement on that.

I don't want to be a prude about all of this, but I kind of feel like I, unfortunately, have to be. I want to please him and compromise on this sort of thing when I can, but I also feel like I'm holding us back by being hesitant about all this. What can I do?
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