Men, do you actually care about your girlfriend's pleasure?

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I'm 21 and my boyfriend is 22. I met him when I was 20 at my college. He was nice and very funny. He asked me out, he's my first boyfriend ever and 2 months ago, we began to get sexual. I lost my virginity to him. The first time, he was gentle. I'm still a bit sexually inexperienced. We've only had sex about 4 times. But he doesn't care for my sexual pleasure. The second time we did it, I told him I wasn't really ready to do oral sex but he begged me to do it so I began to go down on him. I enjoy it, but when I ask for him to do the same for me, he tells me that it's gross and that I probably taste awful. He finishes on my stomach or genital area even though I tell him I don't really enjoy it but he tells me he does and that I'll "get used to it". 

He doesn't care if I come or not. When he finishes, I start to rub myself and he gets a disgusted look on his face. Every time I start to cry. I've masturbated before, but I've only had one orgasm my whole life. He hates foreplay that focuses on me. He hates touching my genital area but he loves to grab my breasts and butt. I told my mother this and she said that he'll probably get around to me soon, I told my friends and they said that he was the man of the relationship and without his orgasm, no one would really be here. They told me the female orgasm was pointless anyway. They like him a lot. I'm afraid to break up with him because I don't know what he'll do or who will support me. I know not every guy in the world doesn't care about their gf's sexual pleasure, but I would like to know truly why you guys enjoy it. I just need someone right now. I feel worthless. Also, please give me encouragement to break up with him. Advice, please. So, do you guys actually care for your girlfriend's pleasure? If so, why?

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