My life is perfect why do I need God?

i was okay till i got saved

I have a had the hardest month of my life this past month, I have been in test season this month… And as we all know it’s not easy… I broke quite a lot during this time… But victory belongs to Him. My faith was tested and I even got to the point when I was thinking although I wasn’t going to go back to the world I still didn’t want understand why I was having such a hard time yet now I am saved… I knew that salvation is a journey but I hadn’t experienced it… I was even asking my self when I wasn’t saved everything was much easier… But actually, it wasn’t… It seemed easier because I choose the Devils way to solve my problems. The Devils way is always easier, he makes sure you find a wrong to take care of your problem because He knows when you reach a hard point we usually automatically turn to God… And When God turns up, we may not, in turn, turn back to him. So he won't take a chance… He blinds you to think your okay without God.

In today’s Verse, we see that the people of Judah were telling Jeremiah that they were okay when they were praying to the gods and they stopped is when everything went wrong. That’s how I felt during my test season… I used to be okay until I got saved but really that’s not the case, salvation is not a destination it’s a journey where there test along the way and each time you succeed you go to a higher level closer to God. So be happy when you're tested because after it you will be closer to Him.

My life is perfect why do I need God?

As you see A few chapters before this… The people were desperate for Gods word even going to the point of saying that they will obey even if they didn’t Agree with it! Haven’t we all been there? Well, I have, but when we get comfortable with the word of assurance from God. Then we get cocky we think we can do without Him and blame Him for our misfortune yet it is our filthy ways that make Him angry and He seizes to protect us and leaves us to ourselves, left for bad misfortune to toy with us. I for one don’t want to be left by God, I need Him, I can’t be without Him, I do not have the time nor the power to deal with misfortune.

One lesson I learned during my test season was that I had to prove what I had promised God; my heart & soul. I learnt that Just like Jesus I had to suffer for my choice to be with God. But it is a worthy sacrifice just to get to see this God someday. I am still protected and at the end of the day if I stay faithful He will save me, but I was still in the world the devil would offer me temporary solutions that take me far from Glory… And these solutions always run out on me, but with God the solution is everlasting, it never runs out on me, it’s always sufficient and it’s a true promise. You now have a full picture, you were not okay when you were not saved, you are now okay with Jesus, He takes care of you know, you don’t even have to solve your problems… Just worship Him, He will do the rest for you. GOD BLESS!

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