My stepmother was my first lesbian crush and she purposely sexually seduced me

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stepmother and daughter

My father married my stepmother when I was 12 years old. A year after and when my dad was asleep at night, she would say he snored too loud so she would come inside my room with just her bra and panties and come in my bed and wrap her legs around me. I used to get a tingling sensation between my legs because she would press her naked body on mine. I liked it. I actually looked forward to her sneaking into my room to sleep with me at night and hoping she'd keep me warm down there. She came back to my room the second night and this time, she put her kitty kat up against my buttocks and I just remember feeling so the age of 14 years old. never really felt that feeling before but I know I loved it. she then starts rubbing my butt and I let her. I never told my dad. She only did it for a few days and then she stopped. I was sad when she stopped because I grew addicted to how she made me feel.

As I got older, she would tell me stories about how she had lesbian experiences and she would always get undressed in front of me, only when my dad was gone...but I never told anyone...ever...

I was attracted to my stepmother at 14 years old and I loved her body. She made me feel good. I have never confessed this to anyone on the face of this planet earth and now that I am older, I realize how sick this whole situation was. I realize how she sexually abused me but I liked it. It's not like I didn't. I wanted her to do it again and again...but I knew it was inappropriate because I wouldn’t have dared told my father about it.

Now I am 25 years old, a lesbian woman and I never felt that closeness with my real mother so maybe I’m turning to women because of it OR maybe I was looking for my stepmother to give me what my mom never gave me but in a perverted way.

I don’t know if my stepmother touching me is the reason why I’m so into girls now but I don’t know if I should tell my dad about this...I don’t think he would believe me. If I told my mom, she would probably go crazy but to have this secret bottled up inside is eating me up. This grown woman was purposely sexually seducing me. I haven’t seen my stepmom since I was 23 years old and I'd like to keep it that way.

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