No matter what I say he doesn’t believe me and it’s starting to just irritate me

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My boyfriend constantly compares his penis to my high school boyfriend’s size wise and it’s driving me insane. How do I explain to him that I prefer HIM?!

My boyfriend and I have been together 4 years and we have a child together. When we first started talking before we dated I had been broken up with my high school boyfriend not long before. We only dated for a year and a half. Let me make it clear and I never looked at my current boyfriend as a rebound. I always had genuine feelings for him more than I ever did the high school boyfriend but yes I was still butthurt over it at first. 

Anyways way before we ever started dating when we very first started talking he asked me what his penis size was. We were talking about sex and I made the stupid mistake of telling him once I measured it myself once and it was a little over 7 inches. 

Fast forward to now and periodically (every few months) our entire relationship he gets all pissed and turns away from me while we’re laying in bed at night because he says he was bigger and I liked it better and that I won’t admit it. Honestly yes lengthwise my boyfriend is about maybe 6 inches is my guess. He says he won’t let me measure it because he knows he is smaller. Which I’ve never even asked to do because I honestly could give two shits. 

I don’t know how to get through his head that I don't think about this ex ever. I truly am happier with my boyfriends' member. It has more girth than my ex who was pretty skinny that way. And we have a MUCH BETTER sex life than I did with my ex. He’s better at it in general, I enjoy myself and orgasm way more, I feel more comfortable and adventurous with him and overall there's not much that we don’t do. I love it. My ex-wasn't kinky or anything. No matter what I say he doesn’t believe me and it’s starting to just irritate me.

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