Please give me your honest opinion about this situation

Stressed woman

I  have been married to my husband for 5 years, together for 10. Best friends, great lovers and have always trusted him. If there has ever been jealousy issues, it has always come from his end... jealous of friends who are male, acquaintances and even his own son (my stepson). My sister-in-law's (my husband's sister who is a lesbian) wife's 19-year-old niece is the subject of this photo. Some context. This young girl is attractive. Nice body, pretty smiles, but she is a tomboy. Most of the time she is wearing camo/mossy oak hoodie or jacket, jeans, boots, with no makeup and hair in a messy bun.

Last month, my husband, who rarely ever gets on FB, logged on one day and liked several of her posts and pics. I thought it was strange since we aren't close to her, and the fact that he never gets on FB, let alone "like" anything. He shrugged it off and boiled it down to "she's family". I never mentioned it or thought about it again because, you know, TRUST. 

My husband's phone has been running slow for weeks. I suggested that he delete some things to clear space: old text conversations, Tumblr pics/gifs, etc. When I got home from work later that night, he told me that deleting stuff had worked and that his phone was running faster/better. Although, as he said, it was "difficult" and he was sad to delete some of our vacation pictures and other "special pictures of us". I told him he could have sent them to his email or saved them in the cloud. He is not good with that kind of stuff. Computer type stuff. I explained that I meant he should delete replaceable, screenshots, etc. 

Last night he asked me to screenshot a funny headline on his phone so he could send it to his sister. Before I go any further, please know that I am not the type to snoop. When I went to his gallery to attach the screenshot to a text message, I saw an album titled Facebook. It only had one picture in it and from the thumbnail, it looked like a sexy woman in a very short blue lacey dress. I didn't think anything of it and continued sending the text as he had asked me to do, he was laying down right next to me. Once the message was sent, it dawned on me that that photo was on its own album, created my downloading pics from FB; it wasn't a porn pic/gif on Downloads album. 

My curiosity lured me in. I clicked on the photo and discovered it was a picture of my sister-in-law's niece, dressed in a very revealing, tight, lacey and sexy blue dress...not her typical camo shirt and jeans. I asked him about it immediately. He was slightly defensive from the start. 1.) The picture itself. The sexy dress and pose 2.) He had to download it himself 3.) He spent a full day deleting stuff from his phone, including our vacation pics, but he kept this one. Why? 4.) His slightly defensive behavior quickly turned into anger. When he started to raise his voice, I ended the conversation and slept on the couch to avoid fighting. I wanted to have time to think about and choose my words carefully. I don't want to overreact, but I can't deny that this was very unsettling to me. My gut instinct was to be weirded out, sad, angry, fucking confused... 

Fellow women, please give me your honest opinion about the situation. Keep in mind that my husband is a very nice and attractive guy. He is a flirt. All women...old ladies, middle-aged, attractive, ugly...all women. I have never, in our whole relationship, taken it seriously. I have never felt jealous. that's why I am so confused. I have never felt this way towards him. Why is my gut telling me that there is more to this than he is revealing? Am I making mountains out of molehills or could that intuition be right?
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