Please hire fresh graduates. They have a lot to offer...

Fresh graduates
Dear UNEMPLOYED graduate, I understand the pressure you are under as you hunt for a job to launch your career or go for an advanced degree.

Your university placement unit is either:
1) Busy
2) Not responsive
3) Expects you to do their work

The pressures as families become more nuclear while the expectations of you remain the same. More work, less support than ever. The hunt is destroying you. Wrecking your work/life balance. Killing the time with your mother, father, brother, sister, friends. Emptying you of your joy to start your college/career. Maybe you are applying for jobs not related to what you studied for. After exams and memorization of facts, you’ve been forced to: - prioritize interviews over family conversations - prioritize deadlines overjoy - prioritize your career over your relationships You should never do is to measure your success by age. It is okay to for your first job not to be in a big corporation. You choose what YOU want to do. You have your whole life to fulfill your dreams. I have hired graduates who have gone on to start businesses (a chess training company), make huge salaries, or do go on to brilliant careers.

To all hiring managers reading this: Please hire fresh grads. They have a lot to offer... the energy and positivity of youth.
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