SLAY QUEENS: Tips for taking good nudes😜

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Slay queen nude

I am trying to send some good looking nudes to my bf that's been away for 10 weeks-military. I have really small boobs, but a pretty nice ass. I just don't know how to get a good selfie angle to accentuate my ASSets... HELP!
I trust my boyfriend to keep them to himself. He is very respectful of me and our relationship.

Here are 5 simple tips for taking good nudes

Lighting - good natural lighting is best. Try standing in front of the window with the camera on the windowsill. 

Wear heels with your feet out of the shot to accentuate your ASSets

Spray a little water or rub oil on yourself to give a sexy sheen.

Try facing 45° away from the camera with a view of your butt. Stick out your butt and push your shoulder forward so there’s a peek of boob behind your arms.

Take a video and use the screenshots to get the best shot without help.

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