The massage was amazing by the way, I left completely refreshed

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I had been through the ringer at work for over two weeks. I had wrecked a few important safety systems (only to fix them later) and was more stressed than I had ever been.

This manifested in me getting a killer back spasm that made me limp around and generally feel crummy and tense.

My girlfriend mentioned that a massage might be what I needed. So she started doing research.

Now both of us are world-wise, and did not want to get into anything sketchy. So after some checking, she recommended a place and I made sure it was licensed and had good reviews.

So I arrive for my first ever massage and get only good vibes. Clean, professional storefront, posted licenses, and modest dress.

My therapist is very sweet and polite (a 5'4" lady, mid 20's, slim with a polo and dressy capri pants). I tell her it's my first massage and she's cool with it and says to undress and relax a bit under the blanket face down. I ask her, everything off?

She says it's up to me.

So I get naked and lay facedown like she says with the towel over me. She comes in a few minutes later and starts the massage over the towel.

Here's where it gets a little strange. Throughout the massage as she moves from one side to the other, she would rest her hand on my butt through the towel. It was almost an absent-minded thing, but every few minutes I would feel her hand over the towel as she walked to the other side.

I start getting pretty hard but I'm facing down, so no worries. I keep thinking, relax, you're reading way too much into this.

Then as she moves from my shoulders and neck to my back folding the towel down as she goes, she suddenly gathers the towel off me completely, straddles my head and starts massaging me from my shoulders to my butt rhythmically, over and over while I'm completely naked.

I don't know what to do. I can feel the "cool breeze" on my junk and know that she is probably able to look right at it as she moves her hands up and down.

Then, she moves to my legs, massaging and gently pressing my legs out wider as she massaged. Pretty soon I'm like an upside down Y with her at my legs going from my calves up to my butt, each time my cheeks are pulling apart and my whole area down there is showing.

I actually didn't want any funny business and would have said no if she had asked, but everything she did was always just so close to the line. For example, when she left the room for a second and came back with two hot towels. While she's wiping me down both towels slide into my crack and graze my junk, which never happened during the massage. So I'm left thinking, graze my balls with the hand, it's a dead giveaway. But with the towel? Could it be an accident?

She picked the towel up and put it back on me. Then asked me to flip. By this time I was so anxious my boner would send the wrong message that it had shriveled up. She started massaging me on my stomach and chest, pretty much as expected.

However, during this time we were able to talk more. And a few times when she wouldn't understand me she would stop and put her hand on my upper thigh and stroke back and forth while she was talking. It was so nonchalant and she kept talking that I didn't even realize how intimate it was until her hand stopped and she resumed the massage.

She ended the massage by running her hands from my ankles up to the top of my thighs (hip flexors) and that got me pretty hard. This time I was face up but she ignored it, although she did bunch the towel up around my hard dick and bump it a few times it seemed incidental.

I've been fixating on it for a week. Even if it was completely legit, there were parts of it that were so sensual, without any Weiner touching. I'd never do anything because sex with my wife is great, but it was still a pretty titillating experience.

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