Things Only Mothers Of Boys Understand

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Mother and son

Children are blessings, little droplets of heaven some might say. That is true, without a shadow of a doubt.

When a woman is blessed with 3, 4, 5, boys. She’s an amazon, because she is living in a world of men, and she gets to be the reigning queen.

If you are a mom sons, here are some things you can absolutely relate to:

You will cook A LOT

For some reason, men eat more. You eventually hold the mantle as the main cook in the house. And it keeps getting better because even when they get older, they invite their friends over and you end up being the cook for numbers the size of a football team!

You might escape the “Girl” drama

Often times, boys usually speak their minds more than girls do – especially at a young age. Boys may fight every now and then but they come to a resolution faster than most girls would.

You have lots of “boyfriends”

Daddies of girls have their own father-daughter time, which means you get to have your mother-son dates. It’s true that female friends are more compassionate, but a ‘masculine’ touch of friendship has its own extra touch especially when you need a dose of reality. In addition, having multiple men in the house means that there will always be the extra muscle in the house to do any required “heavy lifting”.

Exclusive rights to being the only woman in the house

If you have all boys, nobody shares and “steals” your makeup or jewelry. Nobody borrows your clothes without asking or is cranky because she’s had her monthly visitor LOL

You enjoy buying baby girl things

Most mothers of the boy have spent a couple of good times shopping for “blue” or boy toys. It might be the pink or girly colors they miss, but if they get a chance to shop for a baby girl, they dive in with all the passion they can muster.

You now know all boys are not the same

Most times we chalk up behavioral attitude to the gender rather than the individuals themselves. Mothers of boys experience first hand that there are differences in personalities even within the same gender. You may have four boys, but they all will exhibit different traits and personalities because they are different individuals.

Your definition of fun is now expanded

A boy’s definition of fun spans a wide spectrum. It will vary from a girl’s Barbie dolls, or pretend home or house cooking in the backyard. They will be more into more physical contests, messy games, and very non-feminine games. That’s why we love our boys!

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