To anyone considering losing their virginity to a friend, do it

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Naked woman laying down

So last night we got together and found a cheap hotel room. We decided to take things slow so we ordered pizza and put some soap on the TV, she's a major fan of soaps. Eating pizza and watching a fantastic soap in the room was a great start to the night.

After the soap, ended she eventually said: "well we need to get started eventually..." I agreed and we got things going. We started with removing clothing and as I was taking her shirt off, we had our last little talk and mutually agreed this changes nothing between us. That was really reassuring.

Without going into too much detail, it was amazing. She taught me every step along the way and showed me a really good time. I ended up lasting way longer than I thought I would, probably due to nervousness, but it ended up being very advantageous for me in the end as it gave her plenty of time to teach me.

After all was said and done, we hung out in the room watching and hanging out like nothing had happened.

To anyone considering losing their virginity to a friend, do it. I couldn't imagine a better way to lose it, and I've learned so much. ¹⁰/₁₀ recommended.

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