What the hell happened last night in my boyfriends' room?

Woman drinking alcohol
I was at my boyfriends' hostel that I've known on-and-off for 4 years but we only recently started dating. His roommate, myself, and my boyfriend were all just relaxing and drinking together. I got badly drunk and high, the boyfriend was buzzed but soberer and the roommate was also crossfaded.

All I remember is my boyfriend trying to take off my clothes (we've never had sex) and when I said no he stopped. So everything went back to okay because his roommate knocked on the door and came in. They discussed how tight I was by how many fingers he could fit in me (I don't even remember him doing that) and how I could still say no after that and going down on me (which I don't remember) I passed out at this. 

I woke up t to his roommate staring at me saying I'm lucky I'm not his girlfriend or he would have fucked me already from lack of patience. I tried to get up but I was really fucked up. I only remember taking 1 shot. I think they might have put something in it. I really don't know.

The roommate put me back on the bed because I couldn't stand and I asked them to call my dad so that I could go home. My boyfriend walked in saying he couldn't because I couldn't go home like that so I should try to sleep it off. I tried explaining that my dad would be okay with getting me. Of course, I did this slurring and not able to put the words quite right. 

I tried getting up and my boyfriend came over to keep me from falling. I grabbed him as I was falling and his roommate told him to go for it and he was gonna leave the room. I blacked out. I came to my senses with my clothes off and my boyfriend on top of me trying to have sex with me. I said no and that he should stop, he ignored me and told me to relax because it was gonna feel good and I passed out for only a few seconds and woke up to ask what he was doing. I remember I kept asking him what were we doing and he would tell me we were having sex. And I'd say no Then pass out. Then at one point when he was fucking me I told him to please stop that it's not what I wanted. 

It took him another minute before he stopped and said okay and fell over onto the bed. Then he started putting clothes on me so his roommate could come back in. I blacked out and woke up to him cuddling me. I slipped out and made it to the bathroom. I washed my face trying to wake up. No one was awake it was 5 am. I knew I had to get out. 

I found all my things and we debated to either call the police or my parents or someone just anyone. Then I realized I couldn't. I bought the alcohol. I decided to drink. No one forced me. I was planning on sleeping over because of the drinking, which makes it look like he was gonna get lucky even though prior he had said he wouldn't. 

Neither of them has ever acted like this before. So I got to town took a bus and went home. What the hell do I do now? Whatever happened, happened!

He later called me and told me that I started crying while he is on top of me and he still went through with it until I told him to please stop. And he said he was drunk too, therefore, neither of us consented and I was the one that asked for it in the first place.

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