Whatever you do, do not run back to what broke you

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Pretty woman
They say that the truth will set you free.

The truth, however, is potent. And when you are not prepared for it, it can burn deep into your soul. But within that hurt, it also gives you the power to heal yourself. Never before has the future been so clear to her. He was not in it and being afraid was not an option that she gave herself. So she did what she does best, she smiled and locked away all the pain she was feeling after having her heart broken. She told herself that she is whole by herself and she never needed a man to complete her in the past, and she doesn’t need one now. So she deleted the messages and the photos and tore up the picture.
She has her sights set on the future, which now, after a long time, holds the promise of happiness and not the dread of messed up situations or complex choices. She smiled after a long time.

Because she knows now, that you don’t go back to the thing that broke you. No! You fix yourself!

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