Why I Let a Young Campus Boy I Met Online Bankroll My Life

Why I Let a Young Campus Boy I Met Online Bankroll My Life
We met online about fourteen months ago and instantly, we clicked. Whether it was discussing music, or our lives, our dreams and our aspirations, and everything in between, you were always wonderful to talk to--and still are. I knew there was something special about you, early on, and I was proven right.

This week, I had a conference too far from your university. You visited me in my hotel and we spent hours in a hallway adjacent to the lobby, in overstuffed leather armchairs, just talking to each other while grinning like idiots. At some point in time, I asked you if I could kiss you, because I had never kissed someone before, and you let me. It was awkward, and I laughed at my clumsiness, but you were patient with me and kissed me again. You left early in the morning, after kissing me for what seemed like hours, and for the first time in a long time, I felt relaxed.

Two days later, we had another date. I took a train to visit, and when I arrived, you were waiting there for me, with a large grin on your face. We linked arms as we walked towards our destination, and halfway through, you opted to hold my hand, intertwining our fingers together. Along the way, you surprised me with candy--we're both adults, but the thought that you packed candy for our excursion with the sole intent of surprising me melted my heart a bit. At the monument we visited, you held me close to you and kissed my forehead. On the ground floor of your dormitory, we kissed as a cheesy 2000's playlist blared--and separated frequently to laugh. On the fifth floor of another building, we kissed and moved against each other with a passion I never thought I'd experience in my life. Afterward, you held me against you, before kissing me softly several times and promising me that we'd meet up again. When I had to leave, you waited with me outside until my Lyft came, and as I climbed into the front seat and looked in the side mirror, you were still there, waiting for me to leave.

It's been two days. I've spent more time today crying than I have in over a year. You were so kind, so understanding with me. I miss the witty banter on your end, and the funny faces, and the eyebrow twitches, and the forehead and hand kisses, and most importantly, you. I have never experienced such kindness from anyone, and the sheer vulnerability that you have brought out from me is almost scary. It hurts now, but I think for the first time, I'm experiencing something akin to intense feelings for you. I know it's early, but you're special to me.

I should stop crying, because I know I'll see you again, and soon. The next time we meet will be as memorable, if not more memorable than our previous excursions. Thank you for making my time in the city so wonderful. Thank you for showing me affection, admiration, and kindness.

I had a wonderful time with you. Thank you.

See you soon.

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