Signs He Can’t Live Without You and You Can’t Live Without Him

Signs He Can’t Live Without You and You Can’t Live Without Him

Having occasional doubts is normal in every relationship. Couples aren't always happy. There are unexpected moments in our lives where problems arise without our control.

No matter how heavy the feelings of both partners get, if love really dominates, a dispute is just a tiny thing that won't make your relationship fall apart.

If you sense an amount of uncertainty about his true feelings for you, let these signs guide your heart:

1. You're on his mind

A guy who loves you unfailingly thinks of you. He gets excited about spending his day with you.

2. Your regular activities remind you of each other

Responsibilities arise and there are times when you cannot be together, and those times are almost unbearable. Whenever you go out for a walk to your favorite park, eat at the restaurant you both love or watch your favorite movies alone, you long for each others' warm hugs and kisses.

3. You want to know all about each other's day

You probably won't be able to fall asleep without talking about your days. You both feel incomplete without those sweet discussions.

4. You stalk each other's social media accounts

When you have a few minutes to spare, the first thing you do is check your sweetheart's recent posts and tags on Facebook. You love reading each other's posts and staring at your adorable pictures over and over.

5. You can't forget about all the plans you have together

You know that each day of hard work is for the success of your future. Every time you get a bonus, reward, or a part-time job, you put it into your savings.

6. You keep your promises

You wake up every morning with an optimistic attitude about your future together, and you know your dreams will become reality at the right time.

7. You remember the simple things

Even though it's just seashells you picked from the beach together, his shirt you wore when you ran out of travel clothes and the sweet letters you've been exchanging, you treasure them all deeply.

8. You re-read your conversations

Every time you really miss each other, reading your text conversations makes you smile.

9. You always sing "your song"

You may not notice you are doing this, but you find yourself doing it when you miss your sweetheart. "Your song" keeps beating in your mind and it reminds you of your love.

10. You treat and keep each other as best friends

You share all your secrets with each other and you are always there for each other no matter what.

11. Caring for each other makes you feel good

Caring for each other doesn't make you tired at all. In fact, comforting your partner makes you feel relaxed.

12. You can relate to each others' interests

It's awesome how you are interested in similar things. It is a blessing to have a partner that understands where your passion is and supports you all the way.

13. You always feel happy when you go on a date

An unexplainable feeling happens when you hold hands and go on a date. Spending that quality time with your sweetheart at your favorite restaurant or a new movie is priceless.

14. Imagining them with someone else is extremely painful

Presumably, this is the harshest thing that could happen and you could never imagine how much sorrow it could cause you.

15. You worry about each other

You might worry too much sometimes but it cannot be avoided when you have fallen for your sweetie. You think, "What if she finds someone better than me?" "What if he decides to break up with me?" "What if she has doesn't like me anymore?"

16. You accept and love each others' differences and imperfections

You both just embrace each others' differences brought about by the intense feelings you have for each other. Your imperfections shape your relationship into a perfect one.

Let God, love, and trust always guide you in your journey to finding love. Do not rush your relationships. Spend time analyzing your partner before committing to them. When confused, just read these signs and make up your mind.
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