I feel so guilty that I enjoy the inappropriate attention my coworker gives me

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I always thought he was attractive, smart and charming, ever since he was hired to the office. Then a few weeks ago he messaged me and the conversation started out very plutonic. But then he asked me what kind of porn I liked and mentioned he had an erection and I told him that his girlfriend and my boyfriend would not appreciate that kind of discussion, so he did a full 180 and brought the conversation right back to work and his children. And eventually, I let the conversation die.

But I see him most days at work and I’ve tried to keep things very professional. But he turns me on like no other. And I’m sure it’s all just surface attraction, but I swear every time he calls my office or when he hands in the paperwork I get wetter than the Pacific Ocean. And I swear it’s like he knows. His voice gets so low when he talks to me or teases me about work and I’m always stumbling over my words and a muttering nervously like a child, I don’t know what wrong with me. I’ve been fantasizing about him and I can’t seem to focus on conferences when he’s near me.

The worst part is, I don’t want it to stop. The low smooth way he talks to me, or the smile he gets when our eyes meet for that quick second. And it makes me feel so guilty that I enjoy the attention.

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