I just want my break to be relaxing, and Christmas doesn't do that at all.

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I don't mind the time off, or even the family gatherings. I'm happy to do a dinner party any time of year, or a cookout, or whatever. I don't need an excuse to co-sign with friends or family. Christmas, however, has baggage.

I'm sick of the superfluous work. Fuck decorating for a month. I don't want to have to drag up boxes and totes from the basement (or down from the attic), or to a bunch of temporary crap, and have to stow all containers again, just to have to do the reverse process in a month. I don't understand what people get out of this. Stringing up hundreds of feet of lights and garlands, and putting up a tree, does nothing for me.

I'm sick of the gift-giving ritual. Having to spend money I don't have, to give things to people in reciprocity for gifts I don't want. I hate the expectations. Why do I have to guess the best thing to get somebody? Some people get bent out of shape if you don't find them something meaningful and special, without any prompting. I also don't really like getting gifts. Most of the time it comes with the expectation that I'll give a gift back. I also don't like surprises. If you decide to get me a random gift, don't be mad if I don't jump up and down with excitement when I open it. It's not that I don't appreciate the gesture, but if you randomly get me something I don't need, and didn't really want, then I'm probably not going to be elated about it. I would much rather pick my gifts, and/or just buy them myself. If that makes you unhappy (I'm looking at you Mom), then the gift wasn't really about me.

I hate the holiday cheer and the idea that if I'm not a Christmas groupie I'm running the experience for everyone else. I'm not going to bite anyone else's head off about it, but when people press me to have holiday cheer, it makes me irritable. You can have all the holiday cheer you want, but don't expect me to get hot and bothered about it. Furthermore, just because I'm not St Nicholas devotee, doesn't mean I'm running Christmas for my kids. I play along enough, and I don't spoil the magic for them, but I don't care about filling the house with Christmas music, or films, or anything else like that. If it isn't good enough in June, it isn't good enough in December.

I don't want to go to church with you. I don't believe in any of it, and the fact that it's a Christmas service doesn't change anything for me. I don't want to be pressured to be nice about it, or compliment the church/priest. I don't want to be guilted for not going either. You can do church, but don't make it about me.

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