I miss him but I cannot be a side chick forever I'm only 23 I deserve my one too

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Well, I don’t even know what to call him but to him, I was his baby his love his dream come true. we dated for 5 months. at first it was all fun and games, I was not ready for a relationship and I was going through rather a lot in my life I felt I was breaking up inside, until he came in my life, I asked if he had a girlfriend he said yes and then he asked me if I had a boyfriend I lied I said yes. for the first time, I agreed to be with someone who has a girl the old me wouldn’t even give a guy who has a girl even my numbers.

We started seeing each other every day I let him talk with his girl in my presence, every time he did that I would kiss him all over to try and distract him I didn’t care I was not about love with him I was just having fun.
One day the girl found out about me and exposed me in public. I was known as the good girl but now all that was gone.to think when the girl exposed me to the world I would stop seeing me him Nah, that even made me want him more. as days went by I saw this as a challenge. The guy was falling for me hard and I could see it. I hated that girl for exposing me and I felt no remorse in hurting her I still do I still hope that one day he breaks her heart and leave her she is a witch, but that is a story for another day.

The guy started giving me keys to his apartment I came and went as I please I could see I'm winning he will call me 20 times a day he was really in love. Finally, he broke up with that girl for me but I wonder what she did after that made him go back to her.
In short, I decided to break up with him and even though he begged and begged for me not to leave. I had to be a bigger person and start to think about my happiness. I miss him but I cannot be a side chick forever I'm only 23 I deserve my one too.

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