I need your advice on this pressing issue that is threatening the peace of my home

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My mother is late and I delivered my 2nd child a month ago, 3 weeks early. My auntie who helps take care of me lives in another city so she could not come until a week after delivery, so my late mother’s good friend offered to help 2 months b4 I delivered since hubby was out of town and we were grateful.

After my auntie came, we were expecting my mum’s friend to leave and maybe return later but it doesn’t look like she is going anytime soon. Meanwhile, she has a 12-year-old son that she needs to attend to and we have received reports of the little boy misbehaving, stealing and so on.

My husband and I are not happy about the situation because we feel she needs to go take care of her son. So now she goes home on weekends and returns Monday morning. To worsen the situation she does things we don’t like, ties the only wrapper the house, will not bath till evening, likes sleeping on the sofa, talks anyhow to our 2yr old who barely understands this crazy world. She has a room but prefers to sleep in the living room, in fact, this is causing a small fight between my hubby and me.

My auntie tried to talk to her nicely and told her she is traveling with. You won’t believe my mum’s friend told her not to worry, that she will go with us.

This is a 52-year-old woman who has a child. I get it that my mother was very good to her when she was alive so I suspect she is just reciprocating the gesture but I need my space! Seriously I am not happy in my own house, we don’t want it to seem as if we are ungrateful but she is just becoming a pain in the neck.

Worst of it is when my auntie playfully told her that she wishes she wasn’t so busy so she could move in and help me with the kids, and my mum’s friend told her not to worry cos she is around. It looks like she has come to stay permanently.

Please, any ideas on how to nicely kick her out of my family home without hurting her feelings? 

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