I’m A Widow. Is It Too Soon For Me To Remarry?

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I am a thirty-five years old widow.

When my husband died, I was stripped of all my husband’s properties by my in-laws. I was left with nothing except my children. I have two kids with my late husband, a boy and a girl who are 8 and 5-year-olds respectively.

I lost my husband in April.

I met this guy when I was traveling home for the Christmas holiday with my children. We started a relationship which is fast developing into marriage. We plan to marry next year in June. This guy also has two kids with a woman whom they are now divorced.

The problem is that my parents are not in support of my marriage for the sole reason that it is still too soon for me to remarry. They are both saying hell no.

My siblings have given me their support as they see nothing wrong with it. I am very happy that I have found new love and the guy is even ready to marry her.

What would you advice me to do?

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