Is sleeping with an ex acceptable?

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Sleeping with an ex is undeniably one of the biggest temptations in human libido’s history. Many men and women fantasize about sleeping with an ex and mull over the options they have in that tranquil moment. Some skim the surface with their feet, while others wade in knee-deep waters to see how it feels. On the other hand, we have a few who rush and dive into it, and others who strongly believe that one should never ever set foot on that beach. So what’s it like for you? Have you ever tried getting back with an ex just to have sex one more time?

There’s nothing good or bad about getting back with an ex again, even if it’s just for sex. You’ve done it before, and now that you’ve broken up, you want to do it again. But can it affect your life in more ways than just a good night of sex?

When you break up with someone, you’re trying to take a step forward and move on in life. Trying to have sex with an ex is very easy, but it’s also madness. Not only would it make you feel guilty, it can also confuse you. On one hand, you’d think about an ex with whom the sex felt so good it makes you want to cry. On the other, you have a new lover who is deeply in love with you, but somehow, the routine sex is a wee bit less fascinating. If you really want to have sex with an ex, do it if you’re certain there’s no interest in anything beyond sex. It’s not ethical, but it’s the hair of the horny dog.

Many believe it’s acceptable when you’re desperate for sex when you really don’t care for that person anymore emotionally or otherwise. If that’s the case, call your ex and try hooking up, but never make it a regular routine. And don’t have sex with your ex if you’re seeing someone else. It’s never really worth it. And you’d realize how stupid you’ve been the second both of you have orgasmed in bed.
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