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It with profound shock and disappointment that I write this address to the nation, following the dismal performance of the Boy-Child in the KCSE 2017 examinations. What started off as a general observation, is becoming more and more pronounced, with glaring evidence of systemic emasculation of the male gender across all levels.

Men can no longer remain silent as the continued “genocide” on our gender persists. We are seeing more resources and emphasis being laid on the Girl-Child, contrary to the spirit of equality as conceptualized by the original feminist movement.

National resources are being consciously diverted to aid the Girl-Child, creating this gender imbalance and marginalizing the Boy-Child. Despite this very visible fact, feminism-activists are still hoodwinking the public that Patriarchy still exists and that women are still subjects of men.

We have seen the same Fred Matiang’i who is being praised for the wrong reasons, redistribute education resources to favor girls more than boys. Reduced funding towards Technical/Vocational Training Institutes, Village Polytechnics has been his hallmark, institutions which would absorb the many idle youth’s and be creating jobs.

We have seen the open hostility by the mainstream media against the empowerment of the Boy-Child, with the recent brutal display of ignorance, after the KCPE results were announced. The top boy was given a wide berth, even as the girl was celebrated.

This is disgusting, and a mockery of the spirit of equality.

Today is a sad day, because it's an indictment on the depths which the country has sunk, thanks to the feminine imperative permeating throughout society.

While rabid-feminists are chest-thumping and calling it a “victory” , right-thinking women who are mothers to sons, sisters, aunties, grandmothers can see the crisis that we are staring at. They know that their Boy-Child’s will not realize their full potential in this toxic environment, skewed to favor women.

The sad part is that it is MEN who have created this imbalance. It is men who passed policies to have women-reps. It is men like Matiang’i who are creating policies shunning Boy-Child educational development, it is men who own/control media houses who have allowed rabid feminists to choke our media space with their sterile agenda, and the likes.

The Boy-Child has been let-down by the older men currently occupying political and corporate offices. Many of the old men in high-office are blinded by short-skirts and big breasts, into toeing the line of feminists. For instance, reducing the entry-points for students gaining admission in schools and universities for the same courses is a manifestation of the toxic-feminism and its chokehold in society. Giving women undue advantage isn't equality.

The rabid feminists have studied the weakness of old men (over 45) and have know that just by giving into their sexual desires, they can have national and/or corporate policy crafted in their favor.

Men over the age of 45 have failed the nation, all because of being confused by short-skirts. They're the weak link in the efforts to engineer the Boy-Child Renaissance. They deny us opportunities and as if that wasn't bad enough, they are now sleeping with our girlfriends or worse-still, wrecking our homes using the money to entice our wives.

I have bad news for the Boy-Child. That nobody else will save us except ourselves. All the donors are now funding anti-FGM, Family-Planning, Girl-Child initiatives, same-sex marriage, Affirmative-Action, My Dress My Choice, FIDA, Rape-Culture Activism and the likes. Mzungu donors are finding all ways and means to suppress the Boy-Child.

We need an awakening as men. We need to understand that we are in this malaise together. We need chart a way forward. I'm welcoming ideas and proposals on how to energize this movement. Kindly drop your emails at CyprianNyakundi@Gmail.com and let's engage.

The journey will be difficult. The road will be long. I face this challenge with profound humility and knowledge of my own limitations. But I also face it with limitless faith in the capacity of the Kenyan men and women of goodwill.

Let's embrace the Boy-Child Renaissance. Vijana Turauke. Viva Boy-Child!

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