My Fiance Abandoned Me on Hospital Bed, See What God Did

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Please, I have a story to share and it is bitter-sweet, with a lot of lessons. I want my fellow women to learn from my experience.

I had a fiance and we planned to get married in September 2017 but before the marriage, we needed to get a new apartment in where he worked. I lived in outcasts and planned to relocate after the marriage. He didn’t have the full money so I lent him some and we got the place.

A week after we got the place I needed to go and clean the place so I entered the bus from where I resided, to where we bought the apartment. I was involved in an accident on my way there and was unconscious. After I woke up, while i bled because my mouth cut, they asked me who they could call for me so I called out my fiancé phone number. They called and spoke with him in my presence and that was all.

After that phone call, he stopped picking his calls so I told nurses to call my siblings because I am an orphan. My people I spent 3-months on the hospital bed and my fiancé did not pick calls nor showed up, even for a day.

After I was discharged from the hospital I met someone whom I had known for a long time and he wished to marry me even with my walker because I was using a walker to walk then, which I used for about a month. Thanks to the Almighty GOD, I got married last month and I am happy!

So please ladies don’t be deceived and think the guy loves you and give them your money. 99% of them are wicked. I have learned my lesson, I am talking from experience. I hope you learn from my story.

Courtesy: Motherhood

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