Should I break it off with my baby daddy and marry my ex?

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Pregnant woman

Dear Mums, I hope you can help me to deal with this situation I am in.

I am 25yrs old and 7 months pregnant. My boyfriend of 8 months whom I’m carrying a baby for, does not stay home even when he has a chance to. He would rather go out every day with his friends and come home drunk around 3am, somedays he goes on work trips for from 3weeks to over a month.

I have tried telling him that I miss him and that the little time he gets away from work should be devoted to planning for our future. He scolds me instead and asks me if I don’t see that he is working hard to bring money home.

I am not pleased with anything in this relationship. All I need is a bit of attention and intimacy. I cry myself to sleep every day, is it good for the baby??

On the flip side, I have an ex-boyfriend whom I dated for 4 years and broke up because I wanted him to marry me – all my friends were getting married- but he refused and we broke up. Now this ex wants us to marry as soon as I birth the baby I’m carrying.

My ex-boyfriend is better and puts my needs before his, he is ready to wait for me so we can get married, and has decided to take the baby as his.

I’m in a dilemma. I know my ex loves me more than anything, his mother and my family know each other well. I regret dumping him and moving on so quickly. Now I’m stuck with questions but no answers.

Won’t I be making a mistake marrying a man who hardly spends time at home nor cares for me? Should I break it off with my baby daddy and marry my ex?. Please advice!

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