The Psychology Behind Grabbing a Woman’s Butt

For me, I do not support it. I do not like it. I feel it is uncalled for, unnecessary, rude, disrespectful. It means you don’t have respect for your girlfriend. Why would you do that? It’s just attention-seeking... However, the main purpose of butt involves sexual attraction and activity.

The Psychology Behind Grabbing a Woman’s Butt

Humans, by nature, are animals. True, we eat with a spoon and fork, and know-how to navigate Netflix, but according to Mother Nature, we are highly specialized animals. So our bodies were designed at the start to attract each other and mate.

Back in the caveman days, sexual positions were not as well choreographed as they are today. There was no such thing as the reverse cowgirl. “Doggie-style” or mating from behind was the norm. Hence a butt needed to be inviting…round, soft, and appearing to allow easy entry into the vagina. Moreover, cavemen didn’t want to bruise their pelvic bones during sex, hence cushioning was greatly appreciated.

As with most animals, sexual activity starts with the touch of the behind. Hence it's instinct when a man grabs a tushee.

We’re attracted to round shapes
The human body is wrought with shapes…circles, triangles, ovals, etc. and these shapes exist for a reason.

Breasts are round and contain round areola allowing infants easy-to-see shapes so they can navigate towards their food source. Female pubic hair is naturally triangularly distributed creating a landscaped arrow for the mate to go.

So a round protruding tushee, lying beneath a curved and narrow waist, calls to the average mate because humans like round bouncy objects. That’s why rubber balls are toy and sporting good store favorites.

It’s less intrusive than touching the face
Touching a woman’s face or breasts yields a much higher rejection risk than touching a body part that is behind her and not easily visualized. It could easily be brushed off as an accident if a potential mate wants to save face.

So how can a woman avoid getting her butt grabbed?

Do what our Mom’s and Grandma’s do….wear a moo moo. Older women have learned that if they hide the curves, the waist, and their buttocks, no one will grab at their behind. Avoiding short skirts, jeans, tight-fitting pants, and thong bikinis will hide the animal-enticing shapes. Moo moos ladies….moo moos…..

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