An Open Letter To My Hubby On Valentine's Day

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Woman writing a valentines day letter to boyfriend

Dear babe,

Happy 1st Valentine's Day together! A year ago, I would have never imaged myself celebrating this lovey-dovey holiday.

But this year is different because this year I'm happy to be cute and gross with a guy like you.

I want to thank you for loving me even when I get mad at the little things. Thank you for giving me your time, because you don't have to call me at 2 am to check up on me while I'm slaving over a paper; and you could be sound asleep. I want to thank you for loving the things that I hate most about myself because it always was a constant worry of mine.

I thank God every day that he put a guy like you in my life, because you were always something I dreamed of, but never imaged as a reality. I love the person you are, your character shines when you walk into a room. I love that you're goofy and will do anything to make me laugh or smile when I'm sad or mad.

You make me a better person and you make my tummy warm and filled with butterflies just by looking at me. I don't know how I got so blessed, but I'm truly happy God blessed me with you.

Everything you do for me means so much to me because you don't have to do all these things, but you do. Being with you is like a Nicholas Sparks movie, but no one dies and thankfully there's no crazy ex-boyfriend or girlfriend involved.

All and all, I'm excited to spend this love-filled holiday with you, and I hope we can have much more to come. Let's go out there and make more sap-happy memories together.

Happy 1st Valentine's Day my love.


Your girlfriend

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