HUSBAND SNATCHER! It's a win that feels like a loss, but I know in time we will be okay

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Twelve hours, nine minutes and 48 seconds…that was how long it took for me to breathe again (figuratively speaking).

Here’s what happened…

After Davy announced to me that it was his girlfriend at the door, he left the room after instructing me to stay put. I immediately jumped off the bed and started looking for my stuff. My shoes were beside the bed, I slipped them on, found my purse and phone and just stood in the middle of the room…waiting. I started hearing voices, at first I couldn’t make out what they were saying and then the voices started getting louder, one was a female voice the other was Davy’s. It dawned on me that they were headed straight for the bedroom because I could hear them clearly now.

Davy: Maggy top this madness! I have warned you about this drama you act out when the crazy mode in your head gets activated.

Maggy (Davy’s Girlfriend): Ferrari, is it me you are talking to like that? This girl you are hiding must be very hot. The people that saw you with her last night said she is very fine.

I had been meaning to ask Davy why everyone called him Ferrari but obviously I’d never find out because I had no intentions of ever speaking to him again.

Davy: Maggy, you have to leave now. I am not playing with you.

Maggy: I should leave your house, Ferrari? Me…?

I could hear her hitting her chest. My heart was in my mouth, I pressed my back against the door trying not to make a sound. It wasn’t exactly a pushover but from the sound of things, I was no match for her. I am 5”3 and a size 8 I didn’t want to find out if I had a career in kickboxing or wrestling.

Davy: Maggy please, just leave I will call you later. There is no one in my bedroom I swear.

Ouch…the words no one kept buzzing in my ears.

Maggy: Then open the door, dear.

She obviously got past Davy because the next thing the handle of the door turned. That was when I realized I hadn’t even locked the door. I pushed the door back and turned the key in the lock. She immediately began pounding on the door.

Maggy: Come out and face me. Husband snatcher!

Davy: Maggy, I am not your husband. This is….

Maggy: Maggy, there is no one in my bedroom I swear.

She said mimicking Davy’s voice.

Maggy: So was it the breeze from your AC that locked the door just now then? I am not going anywhere today. She will come out and meet me.

Davy: Ok you have embarrassed yourself enough, let’s go.

Maggy: I said I am not going….Okay, put me down ooo…put me down…

I heard footsteps until they faded down the hall and then the sound of the front door slam shut.

A few minutes later, I heard a knock on the bedroom door.

Davy: Bella please open up it's me.

I didn’t know what to do. I couldn’t face him, I was too shaken up. I knew I’d scream or cry or do something that would let him know how jealous and heartbroken I was about the woman in his life and the fact that he had kept her hidden from me. No wonder he had been very adamant that he was making me no promises.

I didn’t answer him. I sat down on the bed, I was trying to calm my nerves.

Davy: I should have told you about her but I didn’t because I was hoping I’d have sorted things out with her before the question of us came up.

I still didn’t answer.

Davy: I met Maggy during my first year in college. She was attractive and fun to be around and we had a great time together. I was young and didn’t really consider what the future would hold at the time. Anyways in my second year, we got into some trouble…it was technically my fault and we both got expelled. Maggy’s parents aren’t exactly the richest people in the world so you can imagine the disappointment they felt that their first daughter was expelled from the university. I did everything I could and got her enrolled in a private university to start all over again. I pay her tuition and all her other school expenses. I grew out of the relationship years ago but because of what she lost on my account she feels she has a hold on me. I have told her I am no longer interested but would keep paying her tuition yet she keeps blackmailing me emotionally, saying she is not where she should be because of me. I haven’t even been intimate with her for almost a year but she won’t let me move on with my life. She is in her final year so I am hoping very soon she’ll get a job and the torture can end. There is no excuse for not telling you but it’s not the sort of thing you want to tell someone you are trying to get to fall for you and so I didn’t mention it. I am sorry.

Had he just said he was trying to get me to fall for him…I wished I could tell him to stop trying because I had already fallen for him.

I still didn’t say anything. I picked up my phone to call Vanessa and ask her to come and get me but then I remembered we had left her at the club. It was almost 7am. if I was going to do the walk of shame and go get a bus it was best to do it before the road got busy.

I opened the door. He was sitting on the floor with his head against the wall, immediately he heard the door he sprang to his feet.

Davy: Bella I….

Me: Save it!

I started walking down the stairs he followed me

Davy: Where are you going? Please, can we talk?

I didn’t answer I just kept on walking.

Davy: Please I didn’t mean for you to find out this way. I was going to tell you.

Me: When? After you had gotten what you want from me right?

Davy: If that was all I wanted from you, I would have gotten it by now.

The nerve!

I spun around and slapped him hard across his left cheek

Me: How dare you! What do you take me for?

His eyes darkened and for a second I thought he was going to hit me back but instead he turned around and went back into his bedroom slamming the door behind him. I couldn’t believe he would let me leave his house on my own.

I hurried down the stairs and made my way out of the front gate. His house was inside an estate and I knew I had a long walk ahead…

I had been walking for less than five minutes… my feet hurt and people were looking at me funny. I was desperate for a bus but so far none had passed just a few men asking if I needed a ride. I was so frustrated tears started rolling down my eyes. Another car pulled up beside me and I just kept walking until I heard the words…Bella get in, please.

It was Davy.

I kept on walking…

Davy: I don’t have the patience to deal with this! Just get in!

Bella: You don’t have to deal with me anymore. Don’t worry.

Davy: I can’t handle any more drama today, please get in.

Bella: You can’t handle any more drama? So this is about you right? Have you considered how I feel about all of this?

Davy: I understand Bella but this is not the place nor time.

Bella: You don’t understand anything! You led me on if you had told me you had a girlfriend from day one I would never have allowed myself get involved with you in the first place!

Davy: Who does that? Why would I tell a girl I like that I am in a relationship I have been trying to get out of for the last four years? Please get in.

I was tired of walking but I was very upset and had to prove a point so I ignored him. He continued driving beside me.

Davy: You are ruining your red bottoms, Bella.

I stopped walking. He had a point, they were one of my favorite pair of shoes. I got into the car and instructed him not to talk till we got to the estate…he obeyed.

Davy: Bella…

Me: I thought I asked you to be quiet.

Davy: You asked me to be quiet till we got to the estate. We are at the estate.

Me: There’s really no point talking about this any more than we already have. We are just friends and it was your prerogative to tell me about your girlfriend or not, so really it’s cool.

Davy: If it’s cool then why are you mad?

Me: I am not used to being exposed to that sort of situation but it’s my fault and I take responsibility for putting myself in that position in the first place. I never should have gone home with you it won’t happen again so no need to worry about offending Ms. Maggy.

Davy: What do you mean by that? So this is it? We are done?

Me: Davy we never started.

With that, I got out of the car and slammed the door behind me.

I went straight to my room and crumpled into a ball on my bed where I cried till I fell asleep. Vanessa’s call woke me up at noon.

Vanessa: Hmm lover girl you are still sleeping?

Me: I have a headache Vee. How are you?

Vanessa: Still have a hangover so I am having a massive breakfast. Crepes, sausages, bacon the whole works and guess what I am washing it down with?

Me: Knowing you I can’t even guess.

Vanessa: A nice glass of smoothie.

Vanessa: Anyways, so your boyfriend had my car sent over washed and in pristine condition. Maybe I was wrong about him after all. He might be arrogant and rude but he seems pretty decent. Plus he is obviously crazy about you.

Me: He is not my boyfriend and why would you think he is crazy about me?

Vanessa: Didn’t you see the way he kept staring at you all night?

I hadn’t noticed, I had been too busy staring at all the girls who were trying to get his attention.

Me: Whatever, we are just friends.

Vanessa: Keep telling yourself that honey. Gotta go I sort of have a date.

I didn’t even ask who Vanessa was going out with, I wasn’t in the mood to talk about men. I wish I had turned off my phones so I could enjoy my tortured sleep and not have to deal with the fact that the guy I was so crazy about was off the table.

I pulled out my notepad so I could make the list…you know that list you make when you are trying to make a decision on a guy:

I drew a table with a column for Pros and another for Cons and then I wrote his name. His name was all I needed to write…just four letters summarized everything, I did not need a list. He was the Pros and he was the Cons because I had fallen for him too hard in one month and I knew that even if there were a million Maggys it wouldn’t change how I felt.

He was becoming like an addiction…something I knew I should avoid but couldn’t resist. Even though I knew it would probably end in a disaster I wanted him. It was like I was a masochist knowing the inevitable pain waiting on the other side yet I kept going closer. Like a moth to the flame….I had never felt like this before and it was a scary and exciting feeling.

I smiled, as I watched my phone waiting for his declaration to arrive, I knew it would come. I knew he was thinking of me as I was thinking of him. I imagined him holding the pillow I had laid my head on that morning and breathing in my scent. Gosh…I just wanted to call him, to hear his voice or just listen to him breathing on the other side of the phone but doing that would have ruined it all. So I waited for the declaration…that was how the story was supposed to go. First the declaration then the grand gesture. It came eventually… twelve hours, nine minutes and 48 seconds later. It was a text message and it read:

Bella, I want you and I am not letting you go.

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