I don't know if there is much I can do at this point...

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I think my aunt is attracted to me but she does not respond to my actions

My aunt and I started talking about sexual things in our past relationships. My aunt told me she really enjoyed sex so that is why she had so many boyfriends. She mentioned she hated one-night stands as they are dangerous and pointless because the next day she would want sex again. I asked how she was holding up because it must have been a while. She said it was about time for her to look for a more mature man. Even though she is 31, but she would always date 20 something guys. I felt discouraged after she made that comment. But then she said that those 20 something guys are enthusiastic about sex but boring on other aspects, so she wanted a deeper connection, more like a friend. I felt maybe I would have a chance on this aspect. Then she asked me. She was surprised I lost my virginity just 3 months ago and had sex with just 1 girl. She said I was really good looking, so girls should be queuing up to date me. I told her I am also looking for a more mature girl, with whom I could have a conversation and not just a sexy body.

We talked for a minute longer and then we got silent. We were sitting on the couch in the living room slowly sipping wine. We sat very close and kept looking at each other. I felt there was strong sexual tension between us. I finally built up the courage to go for a kiss. I slowly moved my face closer to hers, and she closed her eyes as if she was waiting for me to kiss her. We kissed for a while but it was uncomfortable while sitting next to each other. I took her hand and walked with her to her bedroom. She lied down, I got on top of her and we kissed for a bit longer. We stopped and she told me we shouldn’t be doing this, we are related. I told her I liked it and we can just keep it a secret. We kissed again for some time. I tried to take off her mini-skirt she was wearing, but she stopped me and told me we should just go to sleep and we could talk about this the next day. I didn’t want to force her, so I agreed and went to my room.

On Saturday morning she apologized for what happened in the evening and said we probably just had too much wine. I might have not kissed her if I wasn’t drunk a bit, but I still liked it and wanted to do it again. I told her that, and she insisted that we should not be doing this as we are related. I told her I respect her and will not do anything to her she doesn’t want.

I almost gave up but thought to myself if she didn’t want to kiss me, she would have not done it and told me not to do it immediately. I tried to be positive throughout the day. I gave her several nice hugs from behind. Tickled her belly which she always says she hates but looks like she enjoys that. We hugged before going to sleep and I gave her a short kiss on the lips.

On Sunday I was doing similar things but also giving kisses on the cheek and her neck when I hug her from behind. In the evening I kissed her again but this time we kissed for a longer time. I asked if I could sleep with her on her bed tonight, but she just told me to go to my room.

Throughout this week she has been usually ok with hugs and short kisses but always stops me when I try to kiss her longer or do something a bit more sexual like put my hands on her butt while I hug her. She keeps telling me we are related and shouldn’t be doing these things. So I guess she is not okay with the idea of incest.

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