I thought I was the straightest girl on earth, I was WRONG!

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Well... my world was turned upside down last week as I was attending a concert in town. I feel like I literally got struck by lightning and it was wonderful...and scary...and well I don't know what's going on now. Here is the story.

Last weekend I just got to the venue with my female best friend and then the concert started. A bit further on my left I instantly noticed a very beautiful girl (like the most beautiful girl I've ever seen and I'm not even kidding. She had long dark hair and amazing piercing blue eyes and she was also VERY feminine.). I usually do not pay attention to women, but when I see a very beautiful one my reaction is pretty much the same every time, I'm thinking to myself: "Oh wow, she's a hot girl" in a kind of jealous way and then I forget about her and start screening the boys around. But man. Last weekend was different. As soon as I saw HER, I couldn't take my eyes off of her and even asked my friend to have a look at this beauty. She approved and even said she might be a model.

I noticed a few times that she was looking in my direction but didn't think much of it. And then something crazy happened. She literally gave me the seductive eyes. She stole my soul with her amazing stare. I couldn't feel my legs. I never felt this way before, but I instantly felt electrified. She kept looking at me while dancing and tilting her head... She was so beautiful. I couldn't look at her too long as I started blushing, it was so intense! I then moved to the front to get a better view, and she followed me. I could feel her hands touching mine. I was panicked. I couldn't move. So many questions were running through my mind "Is she a lesbian? Does she like me? What the HELL is going on? Why am I so anxious around her". I couldn't take it anymore so I left without saying anything to my friend. I needed some fresh air.

Then, the concert ended and everybody got out of the venue. My friend met me and we started chatting with some dudes. And then, SHE got out. She was on her phone but her eyes kept checking me. Eventually, it was just me, my friend, the 2 dudes and her in the parking lot. I knew I had to talk to her but I did not feel at ease at all. I was mesmerized by her. Unfortunately, one of the guys started to hit on me in a very obvious way; he tried to grab me and kiss me. The girl left. I knew I fucked up.

On the way home, I couldn't stop thinking about her. I went to the event page on FB and tried to find her. I did. She has exactly the same taste in music as me (and it's a VEEERY specific kind of underground rock genre), she seems like a wonderful person and I wish I had talked to her. By stalking her Facebook I know that she's going to a festival where I'm going in 2 weeks. I'm really hoping to see her there. Should I send her a message anyway? Or is it creepy? Should I wait to see her at the festival? I have ABSOLUTELY zero experience in women. I thought I only liked boys but this proved me wrong. I want her. Also, I had the confirmation she is a femme lesbian.

Cheers Ladies! I'm so lost

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