If he frowns when you start talking about your financial challenges, RUN…

Dating a stingy boyfriend could be a terrifying experience for several ladies, it usually creates resentment, frustration, and dissatisfaction in the relationship. A stingy person has a fear of waste and usually express this insecurity by attempting to control all their expenditures. However, you can save yourself from such unpleasant relationship when you observe these signs:

  • If he talks about getting money every day but you hardly see him spending it on himself or you, then he is stingy
  • If you have to speak too much and explain for long before he eventually gives you money, then he is stingy
  • If you have financial challenges and he is able to help, but rather he keeps telling you to keep praying, then he is stingy
  • If you observe whenever you enter a mall like Shoprite, an eatery like Tastees or a boutique that is when he normally gets important calls to avoid paying, then he is stingy.
  • If you observe he doesn’t buy you gifts, not even on your birthday or Val’s day, he usually visits you empty-handed, then he is stingy.
  • If you observe he usually rush whenever he talks to you over the phone, in order to save his credit, then he is stingy.
  • If you observe he abuses his friends or calls them unpleasant names for buying phones for their girlfriends, then don’t expect he buys one for you, he is stingy.
  • If you notice that he doesn’t take care of his siblings or parents, though he has the financial ability to do it, then he is stingy.
  • If you observe he usually fights with you whenever your birthday is approaching or he even switches off his phone the whole day, then he is stingy.
  • If you are going out and rather than picking a taxi or boarding a bus, you observe he always encourage you to walk, saying it’s a good exercise, funny! He is so stingy.
  • If he habitually blames the economy and complains a lot about money, it’s a warning sign you shouldn’t even expect a kobo from him, then he is stingy.
  • If he is financially stable but you observe he rarely buys new clothes for himself but prefers buying ‘okrika’ saying its strong and lasts longer, then he won’t ever buy new clothes for you because he is stingy.
  • If you have been dating him for so long and you can’t remember the last time he even gave you money for your hair or to spend for your pressing need, then he is stingy

Sweetheart, the list is amusing and endless, please add other signs you have experienced in your relationship to this list in the comments section below. If you can’t handle a stingy guy in a relationship, you won’t be able to handle him in marriage. So make the right choice!
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