Types of friends that people MUST have in their lives

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We all need different types of friends in our lives for different stages in our lives. We need them to share our joys and to help us deal with the curve balls that life throws at us to stay sane.

I will attempt to define the top 5 types of friends that people MUST have in their lives. Maybe this list will help you weed out the good from the not-so-good or help you explain your friendships.

The Funny One

Nothing cements friendships like laughter. It doesn’t matter whether my friends and I are laughing about a ridiculous meme we saw online, how a friend of ours was placed in the forbidden friend zone or whether we make light of dark situations. If you have people in your life you consider friends and you don’t laugh together, you need to go on the hunt for at least one. Laughter helps you get through the hurdles much faster and more enjoyable.

The Wise One

I like to think of myself as the wise one among my friends. They’ll probably disagree and call me the funny one, but because I am wise, I’m right.

Do you have someone who rejuvenates your otherwise struggling energy? Find a friend to recharge your emotional battery. Someone you can talk to on the phones after weeks of silence and still get challenged and recharged by their wise words.

The Adventurous One

If you don’t have a friend who takes risks, you are missing out. I have a friend who loves driving like a maniac, which he believes, is what helps him get where he’s going faster. No matter the dent in his pockets caused by the ridiculous number of fines he has paid, he still lives on the edge. He keeps things interesting. You want to be interesting too, so, take a chance.

The Brutally Honest One

Need I say more about this type of friend? You need someone in your corner who tells it like it is. Someone who will keep it real regardless of your feelings with your best interests at heart. This one’s a keeper.
The Loyal One

My best friend has seen me at my worst. You know that morning look you have, disheveled? Blood-shot eyes? Hungover? Bad hair day? Emotionally exhausted? Sad? Happy? Angry? Insufferable? All at once? Yet, we are still friends? It’s amazing to have such friends. People, be loyal to your friends and they will be loyal to you. They will stay by your side through thick and thin.

Evaluate your current friendships and let your friends know that you appreciate them. Be the same type of friend to them. Your life will be much fuller and more interesting as you go through it with these types of people.
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