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When is a man's personality, behavior, lifestyle described as classy? It is when the man exudes a captivating charm that just brightens up a room when he steps in and sends shivers down the spine of bachelorettes and married women of present!. Women can't resist a classy guy, at best they would try to deny the effect he has on them. Being charming definitely makes you irresistible to women

So how do you become a classy man, and get the ladies chasing you? 

Below are 5 of these key factors that can make you classy or at the very least more attractive:

1. A classy guy doesn’t try too hard.

Have you ever heard someone say “wow, he is really trying way too hard” in reference to someone being too flashy or tacky with his clothes, his car, watch, jewelry, hair gel, being too loud in public and/or too drunk, etc…?

When someone tries too hard and in all the wrong ways, it’s hard to imagine how that guy could be possibly considered classy.

This doesn’t mean that you have to be a wallflower, but when it looks like you are trying way too hard, it necessarily means that you are way too eager to impress those around you and to draw attention to you at any cost, whether it’s true or not, and that’s hardly flattering.

2. A classy guy is an educated guy.

Some might discount the importance of book smarts, but there is a correlation between having a higher academic education and being more classy. Street smarts are just as important, and surely school doesn’t always make you smarter or more confident or more interesting. However, all things equal, a degree from a known school is likely to add to who you are.

3. A classy guy is an eloquent guy.

A classy guy knows how to write and how to speak properly. This doesn’t mean that you have to sound like a pompous ivy school graduate, but it does mean that you know how to write and speak properly and coherently. You know which words to use and when, and people generally like to listen when you talk. You are not too quiet, but you also don’t bore people by talking too much.

4. A classy guy has manners.

This doesn’t just apply to basics such as opening doors to women, holding the door open for her, putting your coat on her shoulders when it’s cold out, and having proper table manners. This applies to how you conduct yourself in difficult situations – when you are angry or are supposed to be angry when you lose when you confront someone when you are tired and frustrated. Ask yourself why some of our social icons are successful, it’s because they know how to handle adversity, pressure better than the vast majority of other guys in the entertainment world. This shows both class and incredible inner strength. Being strong and knowing how to handle challenging situations doesn’t mean you have to act like a robot or not have feelings. But it does mean that you are able to make the most out of difficult situations, and you don’t let those situations drag you down emotionally.

5. A classy guy is reliable and not flaky.

A classy guy does what he says he will and when he says he will. He follows through, and he is not a flake – socially, professionally or with girls. He does his best to keep his promises, and he is not in a habit of overpromising and under delivering. And that means respect for everyone, including yourself.

''Take care to be polite to others and to reflect a genuine interest in them. Be confident in yourself, dress how you want and act accordingly.''

For the ladies, make sure you share this with you man; it could send some new sparks flying, and to the men; it definitely takes more than 5 steps to become irresistible, so tomorrow we would be sharing 5 more tips to get become a really classy guy that women can't resist

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