Justice Odunga full ruling on miguna shakes STATE HOUSE!!

Justice Odunga

For the 8th time, Miguna has not been presented in court even after the court orders were issued and time was accorded to the Department of Immigration at their request.

Senator Orengo has asked the court to subject CS Matiang’i, Godfrey Kihalangwa, IG Boinet, and DCIO Kinoti be jailed for six months for contempt of court. He has asked that sanction be issued to the Attorney General.

He has also demanded that Miguna be released forthwith and his lawyers be allowed access to him prior to his release. He stated that Miguna has two addresses in Kenya.

Justice Odunga has ruled that contempt of orders will not be tolerated. He said that those who disobey court orders would be punished and those in power should not set such precedence to the ordinary citizen.

The matter has stopped being between parties but a

Cs Matiangi, Kihalangwa, and Boinet are required to appear in court tomorrow Thursday, March 29, 2018, at 10AM for sentencing, the three shall appear in person, they will still be sentenced even if they fail to appear.

The court also ruled that Miguna should be unconditionally released and should not leave the country.
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