Ladies, avoid these habits if you want your marriage to flourish

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As the saying goes ‘’it’s difficult to teach an old dog a new trick ’’, the longer you’ve been married the more likely it is that you develop some habits that are now second nature to you. Some good, some not so good.

For as long as you’ve been married, has there been nagging issues that keep causing discord between you and hubby? Maybe your lack of giving him the silent treatment or nagging or your uncontrollable desire to be right all the time? Whatever they are, remember life is too short to be unhappy, unlearn the following bad habits and watch your marriage flourish.

Here are some bad habits wives should really unlearn;

1. Nagging: 

Number one on the list! Most men find this highly annoying in marriage. Really no one needs constant reminders about what you want them to do. There are a 1000 ways to skin a cat but constant nagging and reproach is a sure way not to get what you want from a man. Learn never to speak in a condescending manner to your husband, it wounds his ego. A nagging wife is an unattractive lover!

2. Comparing: 

Never compare your husband, his family, his job or earnings to someone else’s husband. If things are not going as planned or expected, it doesn’t mean it never will. Instead of criticising his weaknesses, learn to support them, pre-empt his failure and compensate for them. Foolproof his poor decisions and become the woman he needs.

3. Premature Distrust: 

Trust is a key pillar a successful marriage is built on. If you look hard enough you sure to soon find what you are looking for. Going through his phone, social media networks and bank statements hoping to find traces of a mistress will only give you high blood pressure.

4. Unhealthy Boundaries: 

Strong fences make good neighbors. Learn to draw the boundaries when discussing marital issues with relatives. Don’t just tell it all to your friends who are probably envious of what you have. Men don’t like hearing their business outside. Keep your man’s business between you two.

5. Letting Yourself Go: 

After the babies or after saying I do, don’t throw caution to the wind. Thinking I have my Mr. Right, nothing can take him away now. It’s so unsexy and unattractive. Be the hottest wife on the block and keep looking good for you and your man.

6. No Sex: Sex is vital in the marriage. 

It’s meant to be the sweetener in marriage. Don’t use it as a weapon or bargaining chip. It is a sure way to ruin your marriage if you use it to control or punish your man.

Live and let’s live!
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