“No Miguna, No peace!” YOUTH BLOCK roads in Kondele, Kisumu, to protest!

YOUTH BLOCK roads in Kondele, Kisumu, to protest!
Courtesy: Nation Media Group

Supporters of self-declared National Resistance (NRM) ‘general’ have taken to the streets of Kondele, Kisumu, to protest his continued detention at Jomo Kenyatta airport in Nairobi.

The group, which started arriving in smaller numbers at around 10am, began by pushing huge rocks onto the main highway linking Kisumu and Kakamega towns, forcing traffic to use an alternative but longer routes.

They chanted “No Miguna, No peace!” and carried placards demanding justice for the lawyer.

Some set old tyres alight while others wore T-shirts with labels of “resist”, a slogan marketed by Dr. Miguna to promote defiance against Jubilee government.

Dr. Miguna had been deported to Canada last month but returned on Monday following a court order authorizing his re-entry into Kenya.

But while at the JKIA, he declined to use his Canadian passport and refused to sign citizenship documents provided by the Immigration Department.

While the Department says he had renounced his Kenyan citizenship two decades ago, Dr. Miguna denies it and maintains is a Kenyan by birth.

During the court battles preceding his controversial deportation, the government had confiscated his Kenyan passport, which was then perforated.

The High Court later ordered that it be surrendered to him.

But a punctured passport is invalid meaning he cannot use it to travel.
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