Please help! I really... really want to f*ck my professor.


Okay, so I have a long-standing professor fantasy and last semester I finally found him. It was all I could think about in class all semester but I knew he would never go for it at least while I was his student. In December the class ended and I kind of forgot about it.

Fast-forward to last week, he came into my work-study job (it's in his department) and says "I heard you make music, can you show me some?" This took me COMPLETELY by surprise and I blubbered and basically didn't say anything but gave him a link to listen online.

I feel like this encounter could mean he's interested but my silence probably made him think that I wasn't interested at all. Am I reading too much into this situation, was he just being nice and asking about music?

I was thinking about just going into his office and asking him if he wanted to go see some live music sometime since that seems to be a mutual interest, but do I need a backup excuse in case I get completely uninterested vibes once I'm there?

I'm 20 and no longer his student so I'm pretty sure this is all fair and legal. I'm just a shy person and I need some help here. Any advice greatly appreciated!! TIA
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