Yes the school systems are changing, but will it change our mentality as a society?

School kid in uniform

She wakes up very early, goes to school for the whole day then spends the whole evening doing homework! That should be unacceptable! According to school, when are we supposed to talk about our lives, when are we supposed to bond, when are we supposed to even look at each other. Please don’t suggest the weekend, because they no longer exist, that’s when homework is doubled! This has been the story of my life, thanks to class six. Then guess what, I am supposed to help her subject by subject. Hello, super moms! Do you do this? I’m I the only one who sometimes signs that diary with no clue of what she has done?

It's okay if I am coming out as a bad mother, but honestly, I did well in school, I didn’t make any news, but I was somewhere on the list. I made it to high school and thereafter to university, I enjoyed some subjects more than others, but I don’t remember being buried in books all evening because of homework. I know people, who loved books during my time, but it was because they wanted to, they were not forced to. Those individuals who stayed in class during break time in the name of reading ahead of the teacher’ it’s okay, we need those people in the society, but we should not force our kids to be those people.

Don’t get me wrong, my baby is not complaining (wait, was I to stop calling her my baby this year? Oops!) She does all her homework not to get into trouble. Then what is the problem Rawder? Well, the problem is the joy and relief on her face when there is no homework. When the teachers' didn't give, or the few times she manages to finish the work in school. That alone tells me that it can be too much! So Rawder, do you give her extra work at home? No, I don’t, when does she have time for extra school work? When will she do her chores? Secondly, why should she spend all those hours in school then come back home to another school? What about the holidays Rodah? Do you make her read? No, I don’t, we put the books very far, very far away, and she is allowed to find herself outside the school. Remember we are still looking for hobbies and talents.

Some of us parents are not really after ‘number one’; we are okay with ‘number eleven’ and ‘number twenty-three’ as long as the child is growing as a person and learns well. Some of us are not after completing the syllabus and coming out tired and worn out. Or does she need that? The pressure from school? To make her tough and strong?

Finally, Rawder why don’t you look for a better school or home school your child? This is easy because it’s more than my child, I care about her classmates; I care about all children especially those young children I see on the roads as early as 5am heading to school with heavy bags. Yes, the school systems are changing, but will it change our mentality as a society, that it’s not about being the best in class. But about being the best version of yourself.


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